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Class Action

You work hard for the money you earn, and providing for your family puts a lot of demands on your paycheck. You expect to pay a fair price and receive full value for the money you spend, and you want companies to stand behind what they sell.

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Civil Appeals

Russell Jackson has more than two decades’ experience making arguments about complicated issues of law and fact to state and federal trial and appellate courts around the country. He practiced products liability and class action law at one of the nation’s largest law firms.

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Product Liability

Corporations that make products are supposed to put people’s safety ahead of profits. That goes for companies that make more complicated products like cars, consumer electronics, and prescription drugs.

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B2B Litigation

Consumers aren’t the only ones who need a good plaintiff’s lawyer. Businesses often find themselves in disputes with vendors, distributors, customers, or competitors. These business disputes sometimes cannot be successfully resolved without a lawsuit, arbitration, or mediation.

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Russell Jackson recently was named to the Board of Directors of Jazz St. Louis, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide free jazz education to young people in St. Louis and the surrounding area. JSL brings internationally-known jazz legends to town to perform at Jazz at the Bistro. But few people realize that each of those performers – as part of his or her contract – participate in JSL’s educational programs, too. Moreover, JSL sponsors Jazz U, in which nearly 60 students receive intensive instruction from jazz professionals weekly while playing in small jazz ensembles. JSL has other educational programs for pre-schoolers through high schoolers, and it even conducts a program that uses jazz instruction as music therapy.

“As an enthusiastic listener, I have benefitted from Jazz St. Louis since I moved here,” Mr. Jackson explained. “But I am so impressed by the breadth and depth of JSL’s educational programs, and I want to help this organization reach even more young people.”

“For law firms and other corporate citizens seeking to make a real difference in St. Louis, Jazz St. Louis should be at the top of their list of charities,” he said. “Scientific studies consistently show that playing jazz stimulates all brain centers, which is no surprise since the musicians are multitasking: concentrating on the melodic line, staying in tune, following challenging rhythms, listening to other players, and anticipating what has yet to be played.”

“Students who play jazz regularly score significantly higher on the SAT, especially on math and language,” Mr. Jackson explained. “They also are more likely to finish a college degree, since they understand the importance of rehearsing, practice, and teamwork.”

“At a time when many St. Louis area schools are de-funding or downsizing their music programs, the work of Jazz St. Louis is even more important.” Mr. Jackson stressed. “Funding jazz education isn’t frivolous; it’s essential to creating young citizens who have critical thinking skills and the discipline to see projects through.”


Russell Jackson recently accepted an invitation to become a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Less than one percent of American lawyers receive such an invitation. The American Bar Foundation conducts rigorous research into the law, legal processes, and the law’s impact on our society. The American Bar Association uses the Foundation’s research to advocate on behalf of sound legal policy.

“I look forward to finding ways to serve the interests of consumers as a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation,” Mr. Jackson said

He is also an elected member of the American Law Institute.